For Employers:<br>Operating Drug FreeFor Employers:
Operating Drug Free

Did you know private health insurers lose nearly $25 billion annually due to misuse of prescription drugs? These losses are passed along to employers and employees through higher insurance costs and taxes.

Through information and education, employees can own a role in medication safety and help to protect against and drive down the "costs" of prescription substance abuse.

For Employers:<br>Operating Drug Free

Follow these links for drug-free workplace program resources and help:
  • Workplace Testing - Drug testing is a vital component of a successful drug-free workplace program.  It is vital for employers to adjust their testing policies to address the changing trends with prescription drug abuse.  Make sure you are an informed consumer of these services.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) - Having an affordable, simple-to-use plan, staffed by trained professionals, to assist employees troubled by personal problems is invaluable in today's litigious business environment.  An EAP standing ready with a plan for an employee with a substance abuse issue ---whether the employee asks for help or is discovered through a test -- is an essential part of a successful drug-free workplace program.
  • Drug-Free Program Development Resources - Whether qualifying for contracts or insurance discounts, complying with an authority, or understanding the impact substance abuse has on workforce quality and fiscal issues, operating a business drug-free should be a systemic concern in today's business world.  Turn to these established resources for help with any developmental needs.