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Drug (and alcohol) testing is a vital component of a successful drug-free workplace program. If executed appropriately, testing can serve to prevent problems from entering the workplace, serve as an effective deterrent for existing workforce and provide employers with objective data to respond to a problem if needed.

Today, employers need to know how to adjust their testing protocols to address the changing trends with prescription drug abuse, e.g., an expanded opiate panel and employee announcement. Employers need to be informed consumers and practitioners of these services.

Available White Papers:
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Expanded Opiate Testing Are you testing for the Rx meds that are being abused? Learn about expanded opiates.
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Planning & Negotiating Drug Testing Planning on implementing a drug testing program? Looking for a new vendor to help with your drug testing needs? Here are some questions and things to consider as you go through the process.
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Drug-Free Workplace Program Best Practices When starting or running a drug-free workplace program there are some important things to consider when finding a vendor to help you. Learn what to look for in a vendor and how a drug-free workplace program can help your organization.

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