Employee Assistance ProgramEmployee Assistance Program

Having an affordable, simple-to-use plan, staffed by trained professionals, to assist employees troubled by personal problems is invaluable in today's litigious business environment.

When the problem involves substance abuse, many employers do not realize the power they have in motivating employees to get help, or the financial and institutional benefits of offering a "second chance."

Having a plan to assist troubled employees is an essential part of a successful drug-free program - whether employees ask for help or is identified through a test that they need it!

Available White Papers:

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Cleaning House - The Person or the Problem Firing an employee struggling with drug (or alcohol) problems may not be your best solution to this difficult issue. Find your options.
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The Role of EAPs When employees are struggling with personal problems it can impact their ability to work. Find out what an Employees Assistance Program can do for your employees and how EAPs can help your organization's bottom line.
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Planning & Negotiating EAPs Planning on implementing an Employee Assistance Program? Looking for a new vendor to help with your needs? Here are some questions and things to consider as you go through the process.

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